One of the beauties of working from home is being able to stroll out to the garden more or less at leisure.  There’s definitely something rewarding in the getting up and off the chair, if nothing else.  However there is so much more to be had from a mid morning leg stretch.  The garden is obviously outside – fresh air by the lungful is never going to be a bad selection for the normal human being.  OK, might be a bit brisk in winter and possible scorching hot in height of summer . . . but the fresh air is undoubtedly an improvement on that indoors any office or sitting room.  I like it when the birds have had their little panic a flustered chit chat up in the trees.  The gradualy pop down to the tree nearest to me and we give each other a respectful space – I love watching the cheekly little beggars as they land quite near and nervously  hop about. gettomg a little nearer each time.  I hang fat ball out in one single hanger off the crab apple tree.  By the time I’ve had a good 4 rounds of the main back garden, that quite enough exercise and fresh air for one day — back to the desk and typewriter or phones for me!