I have always loved the idea of a garden office.  Being able to look out into my garden which looks particularly gorgeous in spring is a true highlight in my day.   It inspired me to remain cheerful and busy.  Having the idea for an office and actually aquiring one is quite another matter.  I have a younger relative who has achieved this dream option – he had a reasonable sized lawn and had a pavillion shaped ofice built on one extreme side, so as not to interfere with any domestic activity going on in any other area.   Calling the new item a garden ro0m does make it feel less wok orientated to start with.  Knowing ow to make sure it is complaint with latest regulations is critical, especially if you are placing it next to the border with another property.  Permied deelopmen iht allow o extension of homes without the need to apply for planning pemission but before  you go bunging up that yoga room, gymnasium,  games and hobby room etc, it’s vital you comprehend how to proceed with your desires whilst protecting the interests of your neighbours and the wider area.