I experienced the most perfect example of offices and work spaces in a shed recently.  I have some pals who seem remarkably talented in the crafting and hobbying side of life.  There’s nothing they like more than rummaging about in a box of scrap fabric and yarn to make up little cat nip mice or mobiles for hanging around the christmas and festive lounge.   I can still see the glee forming on their little faces as the prospect of another Thursday afternoon sat in around garden furniture with boxes of garden trimmings and skeletal wire wreaths are maniuplated into the most incredible lush door hangings with just the aid of damp claggy moss, pine cones, varous floliage and festoons of lace and ribbon from the hostess’s habidashery room.  That summer house has never seen such hard work performed within its hallowed side panels.  We were feeling a tad chilly at one point but the flick of a switch or two and on came the floor and table lamps and halogen heaters.  Such joy to be sitting out in the garden but in a sensible and cold free fashion.