At once time if you said you ‘worked from home’, everyone you told that to would delight in imagining you squashed into the small back bedroom up in the west wing and therefore the coldest part of the house.  Small cramped little office with a fan heater and your own kettle installed, so as not to distract you from your endeavours.

Gone are those days – wow, what a change in the standards of home offices today.  It is very easy to get a large temporary structure in the garden without too much worry from planners.  These are basically very luxurious sheds, by another name.  It is possible to furnish them very comfortably, have power and light installed and off you go.  You just need the computers and printing operation to make an office in the garden a really amazing working tool.  How lovely it is too to be able to ‘take five’ in the heady atmosphere of a scented garden.