Ahh March, the time when we start thinking earnestly of spring breaks and summer holidays.  Those gorgeous bobbing flowers, crocus, prmula, daffodils and snowdops.  They are always so heartening.  My gardener is gradually making a lovely show around the trees at the end of my garden.  I have a rugby ball shaped bed around a very pretty crab apple tree and this is filled with spring bulbs – hyacinths fill the garden with the most inredible scent and that wafts about with the mos wonderful effect.  The awful weather we’ve had over this late winter has taken us all by surprise.  Long crisp nights well into the minus figures have made us all realise that this is really what its all about.  Get shot of bugs and illness by freezing the germs, and then breathe new life into the home and garden!   I always find this time of year so inspiring.  Gardening fills me with enthusiasm for refilling the house with floral curtains and furnishings.