Getting the right office furniture is very important in these days of working from home or sharing offices.  It’s no good going to the cheap furniture outlets and just buying the cheapest set there is.  The items, particularly seating, have to be hard wearing and comfortable – these two factors alone will rule out the run of the mill stuff.  Also to be considered is the aspect of safety.  Modern office chair has a certain confuguration of castors to stop the chair toppling  over and they are carefully balanced for the same reason.  Very often there wll be controls on the side of the chair to be able to raise or lower the seat, bring it forward or recline it.  Each of these actions has to be achieved safely, with no chance of the hands being trapped by the mechanism, or the seat shooting off the pedestal.    In the same way that ‘standing desks’ are weighted so that when you stand up to work at them, which is recommended for several hours a week, the operating elements are very safely manufactured and installed so no-one will have trapped fingers or spilt drinks if the desk is moved to quickly.