I have always loved the idea of a garden office.  Being able to look out into my garden which looks particularly gorgeous in spring is a true highlight in my day.   It inspired me to remain cheerful and busy.  Having the idea for an office and actually aquiring one is quite another matter.  I have […]

Ahh March, the time when we start thinking earnestly of spring breaks and summer holidays.  Those gorgeous bobbing flowers, crocus, prmula, daffodils and snowdops.  They are always so heartening.  My gardener is gradually making a lovely show around the trees at the end of my garden.  I have a rugby ball shaped bed around a […]

There are some industries that make complete sense of having the office set out in the grounds of the house, or arden if they are not so extensive.   Obviously there are many that cannot be run out there. but when t comes to admin, design, arty and crafty businesses, then the world is your oyster […]

The carefree days of summer and the school holidays are over – the word carefree used fairly loosely here.  School holidays inevitably mean shuffling of responsibilities comes into play.  Unless said children are all over the age of about 13 or 14, no parent feels comfortable leaving them for very long to entertain themselves if […]

Getting the right office furniture is very important in these days of working from home or sharing offices.  It’s no good going to the cheap furniture outlets and just buying the cheapest set there is.  The items, particularly seating, have to be hard wearing and comfortable – these two factors alone will rule out the […]