I guess you could say that I have an garden theme in my office, if not exactly an office in my garden.  My kitchen is large L-shaped with a peninsular unit, beyond which is a seating area leading to a wide patio door out to the lawn.   The show house had used it as a bright and sunny breakfast room, featuring a small glass topped table with 4 chairs, rather like an indoor patio set in fact.  In mid December, this feature really appealed to me and when I moved into my own gorgeous property, I added to the garden feel by hanging ceiling to floor curtains of light green and cream with a definite garden and tree theme relief pattern.  They’re still up today as I love them to bits and so do almost all my visitors, who seem to notice the thread.  I have added a large famed copy of a stoneware pot and pitcher on one wall,  which extends the outdoor theme.