I had occasion to visit a former colleague who runs a design business from her back garden – she has an summer house cum office down in the shady side of a large plot looking out across the lawn and over to the sunny borders.  The idea is brilliant, it’s a lovely wooden structure with unusually big windows and nice strong sides and roof.  The doors can open right out to make a pavillion effect.  There’s light and power installed but no running water or anything too permanent.  My chum designs gardens and specialist interest spaces so it’s imperative she can get inspiration at all times of the year and in all conditions.  Nothing can be more useful than witnessing the garden in all weathers to see how various shrubs and plants adapt and survive.  The work is all year round with no real seasonal break so it’s imperative she has a full grasp of what works in any particular spot and weather condition.   Such attention to detail makes her very popular.