Out in the garden I hav a small patio area that was formed out of the old shed base and a small area of scrubl surround.    It wasn’t too promising when I decided to dispense with this overloaded junk store but now that I’ve been without it’s useful space for shoe horning all those odd items, I feel the need to replace it with a similarly sized storage facility.  I don’t want to have it placed in the same spot obviously.  My dilemma is that the space down the ‘quiet’ side of the house is a bit narrow and already overlowing with bags of compost and other ugly but essential stuff.   What I have discovered and about to order is a wide but not too deep, bunker affair which has a lift up lid and opening front doors.  This heavy duty plastic mini shed will hold the fold up lawn mower and a couple of boxes of pastic plant pots – we are discouraged from taking them to the tidy tip but are asked to reuse them.  Well that gets a tad difficult – we get one with every new plant!  But I am now sorting the former shed space to be a haven for a quiet cuppa each day.