Now what can be better than a quiet afternoon in summer, contemplating the next few months. . .  Life is busy maybe but we do have to plan ahead and an office in or very near a garden strikes me as the perfect solution.  Of course, having the right furnishings for the office also helps to keep the tempo towards chilled busy-ness.  Obviously we can’t have our video clients seeing us in the less than tight and to attention mode . . .  doesn’t do to be seen checking the figures and latest stock market trends in our pjs or athleisure wear.  I could get used to moving my office into the garden but I’d still get dressed for normal office life if there was any liklihood of company, in person or video.   Furniture can be more relaxed though.  But it has to be fit for purpose and if one party has to have an orthopaedic chair, then that must be provided in the garden office.  Ailments unfortunately don’t go away according to the location of the office, sadly.