This is not the best time of year for going round a garden.  It’s been horribly damp lately and of course, being autumnal, there is a later start to the working day and an even earlier end to it.   However, there are many aspects of working around gardens and being able to have an office within one is just fantastic.  That feeling of well being gained when staring out of the window cannot be beaten by anything in a conventional office.   Of course, not having to commute beyond a short walk across, or round the garden. . .  No car or public transport.   It’s vey easy to get up and pop out for a walk – just open those sliding doors and the outside comes in.  Having that extra boost by way of natural light every day is so beneficial – it most definitely lightens any mood.   There are of course drawbacks to the office within a garden lifestyle but they’re few compared to the many benefits!