I’m sitting here looking out onto a slightly damp back lawn surrounded by even damper borders abundant with early summer growth.   As I get older, the simpler things that mother nature never fails to provide brings me a life enhancing quality.  Just when I thik my favourite woodland plant hasn’t survived that rather harsh winter, up it pops behind the newer hellebores.  I do favour certain plants over others – their fierce intent on survival in my haphazard garden does give them merit points and of course, there are other plants that I cannot stand having around.

The garden stores are really thriving again – it’s jolly exciting seeing the range of plants and seeds we can choose from.  It makes working in my garden office such a joy – I just need to update the furniture this year – I obviously sit for too long and fidget more than I should!  A fresh new set of chair covers with more support would help me.  Perhaps a small stool to prop my ankles on whilst working.